Company Overview

M2 Development Partners, LLC (M2DP) is an international real estate development and investment company. Our objective is to continue a 30-plus-year track record of our principals being leaders in the commercial, retail and residential real estate development arena. We will serve the needs of our investors/customers and will consistently produce developments of lasting value for them and the community at large. We recognize the need to be flexible, entrepreneurial and aggressive – both as individuals and as a company. We believe in teamwork, innovation, professionalism and long-term decision-making. Above all else, we will always conduct ourselves in all things with the highest level of integrity.


Initiative & Leadership:
We encourage and reward entrepreneurial behavior, leading by example and prudent risk-taking; and we seek to foster an atmosphere or respect and empowerment as an organization.

Investor/Customer Service:
All of our efforts are focused on our investors/customers to understand, anticipate, inform and to satisfy their return needs and expectations. It is our aim to do this in a timely, cost-effective and value-added manner.

We will always seek and share all information necessary and relevant to complete our jobs to the best of our ability and to always keep our investors fully informed.


M2DP principals have provided their expertise in the commercial real estate arena to numerous Fortune 500 companies, pension funds, sovereign funds, and local- and state-governmental agencies. M2DP achieves performance excellence in high growth environments by leveraging resource-focused and outcome-driven priorities, objectives and timetables.

M2DP principals have consistently met all challenges in their careers by collaborating with key stakeholders and inspiring creative problem solving, developing productive supplier/vendor relationships and building strong strategic alliances.

M2DP principal backgrounds include:
Client relations, deal structuring, affordable housing development, vendor management, real estate development, sale and leaseback transactions, strategic and operational planning, recruitment and training, financial analysis and performance, and project management and implementation.


With more than 150+ years of combined real estate development experience and more than $4+ billion USD-worth of real estate projects financed throughout the globe, M2DP principals have an established, immensely successful track record of providing and securing real estate finance for their own development projects, as well as for third parties. Depending on the project type, M2DP principals will determine the best financing “fit” for each project and then work closely with their clients to achieve all targeted returns while providing fiduciary oversight on all project investments.

Project Management

M2DP principals take a systematic approach to each project ensuring that the entirety of their knowledge and past experience is brought to bear on all new and future projects. M2DP’s commitment to continuous improvement ensures that each and every project has the benefit of more than 150+ years of experienced and focused leadership. This is how we consistently ensure a successful project.