Director of Design

Bruce T. Linthicum is an experienced interior designer with more than 35 years working on luxury residential and yacht projects. He brings his creative talent, knowledge and experience to collaborate with the M2DP team to review plans, details and specifications to ensure the dynamic and successful outcome of our projects.

Focusing on the important triangular relationship between the architect, builder/developer and designer, Bruce fortifies the strength of the team to deliver the best comprehensive detailing and space planning on our projects.

Bruce has worked as a licensed interior designer for several prestigious interior design firms as a design director handling all aspects of a project from preliminary architectural planning to the final installation. He has a great deal of experience with project management and construction phases to assist in expediting a timely completion.

He has worked as a creative director and design liaison for luxury development companies to build the team relationship and ensure the successful completion of the numerous details involved in large-scale projects.

Bruce was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. He is a graduate of Clemson University, and now resides in South Florida.